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Do you struggle with escalating the relationship to “more than friends?

” Do you struggle with running out of things to say while flirting with a girl?

And to help me identify what kind of man would make me happiest—someone who shared my values and aligned with my needs and wants—I created a tool that I now use with all my clients. A Quality Man Template gives you a clear vision on the right man for you. My girlfriends who were single quickly took notice of my new dating success and started asking me for advice. Life experience was definitely a key to my success!

With this tool, I moved into the position of choosing men, instead of waiting around for men (usually the wrong ones! Now I had the strategies and tools I needed to date more successfully. And what worked for me started working for them too! After seeing my strategies and tools lead to success for both myself and my friends, I knew I was onto something. And as a coach, my work has been shown on numerous media outlets, including the Huffington Post, ABC, and Sixty and Me. And if that includes having the love of a good man, I want to help you find him!

Love was important to me, and if I ever hoped to find it, I needed to rethink what I was doing.

So I decided to learn everything I could about men and dating after 50.

And if you’d like to get married again, imagine walking down the aisle with your man.

It’s doable and I’d love to help you make this dream of finding love after 50 come true.

Low confidence is something you can improve and it doesn’t have to take a long time to boost your confidence. Because of this, we can only accept a limited amount of students every single month. You’re expecting us to wave a magic wand and make supermodels instantly fall in love with you.

Don’t worry, we’ll start you off with an easy progression. You’re looking to cheat on your partner or abuse women.

We love and respect women and we expect you to do the same.

Have you ever been talking to a girl you like, but realize she doesn’t like you back?

Do you get nervous or anxious around really gorgeous women?

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