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If you will try to find a taxi on the spot you will be charged at least 200% more. – Let’s just say it is very easy for the local taxi drivers to spot the foreign faces.

Therefore, make sure you book your taxi before you land to avoid any trouble. This question (and its answer) is why you started reading this blog post, right?

You might not find your perfect match right away, but you always make some amazing local friends. Visiting the beaches is a great way to meet girls in Odessa.

With the political situation on Crimea, Odessa has quickly been developed into the number one hotspot for foreign and local beach visitors.

I covers all the basic about the local dating culture in Ukraine and how you can benefit from this a foreigner.

From the city center you will need a taxi to get to the famous Arcardia beach.

This beach is part of the Nemo Resort and has a big pool and a luxury beachfront for its guests.

There are a few small beaches on the side, but if you want the luxury you need to pay for entrance at the hotel reception. It is not as busy as Arcadia Beach and not so expensive as Dolphin Beach.

If you ever planned to do a trip to Ukraine, I am sure the city name of Odessa has popped up several times.

This beautiful historic city is located right next to Black Sea and is a popular local tourist destination for Ukrainian women.

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