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The OHRC guidelines also state that the employee may be entitled to alternative work in some circumstances.

So, unlike the WSIB RTW mandate, the duty to accommodate does not necessarily guarantee a limitless right to return to work.

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So your employee is off work again for the third time this year, you have no idea when they are coming back and their physician’s note is a vague cipher.

Ignorance of the condition (don’t ask don’t tell) does not relieve the employer of their duty to accommodate any disabilities covered under protected grounds by the Ontario Human Rights Code, which is quite broad in its description of mental and physical disabilities: What is disability? Accommodation of mental illness Similarly the new voluntary standard: the “Psychological health and safety in the workplace – Prevention, promotion, and guidance to staged implementation” expands employer obligations for risk assessments and accommodations regarding mental health issues such as depression.

Employers may not be able to avoid litigation or Human Rights claims, because anyone has the ability and/or right to make a claim, but proper policies, procedures and documentation can limit the potential damages. CHRP Candidate @Marcia Scheffler Marcia Scheffler, M. She is interested in the intersection of human resources theory and current best practices in HR.

Know your process and procedures inside out, communicate them with employees, train supervisors and document, document, document for the best damage control. A., CHRP Candidate is a Human Resources Generalist with M.

For an excellent overview of RTW employer obligations, see the First Reference Post A new return-to-work approach: WSIB work reintegration policies.

The WSIB obligation for an employer to re-employ a previously injured employee who is returning to work is very strong given certain conditions.

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