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If I had a jawline as sharp as a can opener, I’d probably be oblivious to finding a bronzer to help define my features,” he says.

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But War Paint — tagline: “Makeup Design By Men, For Men” — likely didn’t expect the reactions it’s been getting since its new clip was released on Wednesday.

Thanks to a glut of “beauty boy” Instagram/You Tube influencers, the Bravo show , and, presumably, a more universal recognition that makeup can be fun and also cover stuff up on your face that you don’t want to see, makeup on men is becoming increasingly visible.

But the average cisgender heterosexual man still does not feel comfortable buying makeup, for a host of complicated reasons.

It speaks to how little men have evolved.” The caricature-level masculinity depicted seems purposeful.

“I hate that men are still so afraid to appear gay.

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