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Because its mutual fun between adults , this was the safe way for me to have fun without any hassles.And the best part is its free, the guys are non judgemental and mature to understand what a woman really needs in a yoni rub You have to be open to having that kind of experience and not exactly be subtle about what you want.And the world sees us as coffee mates (but we do have the sensual time after a coffee) the last few points are definitely an advantage with strangers :)Of course, i have had very bad experiences with local sites, with the guys stalking me in FB, Linked In (Which is scarier, with my family n social circle there), playing games, subtly blackmail for emotion or Money, etc.After having much, i decided to try Indian traveller guys, who are kind of traveling on and off in Chennai and Bangalore.It always works between adults with mutual consent, (and that’s free as well because guys will not charge! I got my first job in a campus interview , and had to travel to Bangalore. One day , i noticed a online forum in google , that had a ad with a overseas nbr and he is travelling, said it was a indian origin guy who is into soft activities like foreplay, fingering , breast sucking etc.

I find the likeminded traveller adults good b’coz it helps me build trust, open channels of communication and develop mutual understanding, and something legal between 2 consenting adults!! Perhaps you'd like to develop or push your experiences further in a specific direction; something intrigues you and you would like to try it out - the options are plenty to take things further! Wake up , take bath, go to office, come back to hostel and sleep. I was sensually struggling to understand , mostly i used to massturbate and by some means i got a vibrator.If you grow up thinking that sensuality is shameful, meeting strangers could seem like the only way to do it – without eyes watching.Be it getting a body rub with a happy ending, a one night stand, FWB etc.Equally professional people, away from my social circle, non-judgmental, experienced in Kink, simple logistics (quite easy to walk in / he drop by, spend time, shake hands and leave), emotionally non sticky, keeping this discreet and too many other reasons."Trust" and "Peace of Mind" would be the best term to describe.

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