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Another Note: The ignored player will still be able to talk to you if they are a ).

In the Custom Mode lobby, you can type /repick to vote for replacing an inactive host or one that is not preparing a role list that you want to play.

"Fred is whispering to John Smith." That said, you should be careful about how many times you whisper, as players might get suspicious of you.You can do this in any lobby, though it's only helpful use is in Custom Mode and Rapid Mode, if you and other lobby members are not satisfied with the custom list for an apparent reason (ex; too specific, too boring, too one-sided).It is possible to repick the host in other lobbies; however, this will not affect the game itself other than change the order of the players in the lobby.It’s called Chit Chat City and it is an online virtual world game.It’s basically like the Sims but it has it’s own unique features and graphics. Chit Chat City is an ever-changing virtual world in which players can build their own house in a shared neighbourhood.

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