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Broken and twisted gas pipes pro- truded trom every part of the wrecked section of this building. He was born in Germany and served in the Fourth Michigan infantry. Daley's father, who is in the city, took charge of the remains. Daley was a bright young gentleman, about 24 years of age and of excellent personal traits. Fagan, Joseph R., of K;'nsas, aged 37, leaves a widow and two little girls in straitened circumstances. 8 1ST OULUTH m The Bay View Land Company to Begin Erection of a Pavilion at Once. Preicott and daughter, of Marinette, to the ^o Es f\i}(m^ and Miss Knox of Ironwood U. There are at present desir- able lots for residetce purposes down on the flats at West Duluth, but where will they be «'hen another railroad wishes to ent^r Lhjlutb? Copeliii Mical Ins M, PERMANENTLY LOCATED OFFICES, Rooms 3 12, 313, 314 Lyceum Bldg, Opposite the Spalding Hotel. I think it was that song which lei him to commit bigamy and get two years in the peni- tentiary. This is what the physician dimly looks tor by means of diaphoretics, diuretics, sudorifics, pur- gatives and blisters." Which is the most comfortable, the Turkish hot air or the physician's blis- ter?

A hundred or more broken desks and tables were piled in the rear on each floor, and the litter of papers and books bad been gathered up and such as were of any value taken to a place of safe keeping. Bussius, John, of District of Co'miibia, aged 54, leaves widow and family. The best is none too good for some poople and that is why a good manv lots are now being bought ia Bay View Heights. A SMALL FEE ■•REQUIRED PAYS FOR EXAMINATION, TREAT- MENT, MEDICINE-EVERYTHING -FOR ONE MONTH. The sailors ured to sing upon the slightest excuse. I have seen sixty sai Tors of the Allan line, before a bar in a Montreal saloon, singing 'Teddy O'Neil.' The words are as follows: " 'Shall I ever forget, when the good ship was saili Ui? Joe Fletcher, an old mate of mine, used to sing 'Amidst the Raging of the Storm' so effectively that all the girls were wont to fall in love with him. On going into the bath, heat in time forces it out.

I am truly grateful to the "ways and means" that directed my course to it last ^November, and to Dr. In aaswer to a question from a mas:uline "fair" visitor, not "fair" one, as to whether the private Turkish balhroom was ready for visittirs, I explained that until ether exhibitois were done building their booths, I should not fully furnish mine, on account cf the dust; the return was; "If you were ready, Mrs.

it is a branch from "li Deral arts" lopped off from the parqnt to grow alone, on account of its size; a v;orlhy scion for any proud progenitor.

A Full List of Those Who Were Killed, With Sketches of Their Personal History. June 5 '.iiecn masked men held up and tied a sheep herder and shot and killed about 300 sheep on the range and scattered the rest. « rap M pol M wrr- bw from 90 to Ittk Mtc p«raunute,« ctioklosflr ^i-'t^y i Ttlnn In tte triad p Lpa. •km 9t Dm Iia Mt uid talow lover ill, pais in tb* mvaa, •b Cirt QMi of tuaa Uj L littfimmava. control of involuntary muscles; It depends neither on the circumstances of your lie, nor on the cvc:it, depends upon the habits 01 your cl.'u.s, or the operations oi vour mind; for this you yourself are left to provide. The gathering s known as the imperial council of North America of the ancient Arabic order and it is estimated i;ooo "nobles," coming from all parts of the Union, will take part in the festivi- ties. The leaders among the strikers, how- ever, still refuse to return to work. North, of Nebraska, to be col- lector of revenue for the district of Nebraska; Harry Alvan Hall, of Pennsylvania, to be attorney of the United States for the western district of Pennsylvania.

Total Number of Victims of Ford' Theater Disaster Now Amounts to Twenty-Three. Wednesday, June 14, 1 Qp Sells for ^ ^^ per quire CHAMBERLAIN & TAYLOR Carriages! He fell from his horse, which came to camp,b''t '-.c has not been seen since. Owrf TLMmn : I foe) It 217 duty, as vrcll u e j Aevnn, •a- Mtf TOQTivx eiia»it« LB«" l*i#Ton' lown wlta Mi j, Mi M i imi IM eooap Ceaflonf. Um tbrok Mnc of mj hmix «ooid k« heard acroa a larsa rotta aud woo M ar wtua* bodr. I do not be- lieve in cxperimtnting on serious troubles, by the inexperienced, but phy- sicians ought not to be classed among the "inexperienced." "What comes forth by the lungs is under th? — For three days this week Cincinnati will entertain mem- bers of the Order of the Mystic Shrine. Sheriff (Gilbert re- ceived from Lemont this morning that the drainage canal con- tractors have resumed work today with about one-third their usual force of men. June 12.— The president has made the following appointments: James E. ^•5 iiailroad fare deducted from the price of treatment.

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I was compelled to hawk and spit a great deal, especially after breakfast, to clear my throat of a miserable mucous that would collect there. It was as follows: " 'feme, sister, come I liiss uio good oight ; For I Diy ewuiug prayer have siiid. The Anthropological Building Promises to Furnish One of the Finest Exhibits on the Grounds. Before that it was pla\ing around in the neighborhood, to try to at- tract attention 1.y noticeable anil startl- ing resjlts, before getting down to med- ical explanaiion«;, which many might "boll" unless brought up to it gradually, and curiosity or interest awakened. Urquhart, popularly and instructively given, that I shall still be his copyist in the main; errors, not of his intention, creep in, and last week's print gave "pieces" ^instead of "juices which pass through the lining of the stomach, etc." Having consid- ered the skm lately, the perspiration is a natmal sequence, and appropriate today. L'lquhart on this topic said: "I have found in acute general disorders, and in topical affections, whether acute or chronic, that disease and inability to perspire are coincident; consequently force perspiration and ou subjugate the disorder." That, every mother and "every moth- er's son" understands, from homely ex- perience.

"Christ's Tender Ways With the Sinful." Baptist— Rev. Children's day exercises in the evening by the Sunday school. Second floor offices in The Herald building, single or en suite; low rent. My stomach is relieved of those distressing symptoms I had fbr so many years, and is now to retain and di- gest food, giving me strength and vigor. Before he began treat- ment hne suffered \yith all the symptoms of a catarrh of the head. "As .1 railroad train is always certain to have on board a newly married cou- ple or .a woman with a canarv bird and cage, so on hoard a ship, at least one of the crew was sure to he the owner of and an accomplisheil neitormor on the fid- dle. We all were saddened ana touched by the words and the scene.

"Permanent \'ital Union With Christ." Evening service at , sub- ject. Brownson, pastor; morning subject, sermon to children. Craig, room 103, Herald " lil J WHEAT DECLINED AGAIN. All the American wtcat markets openud w»*ak Hnd lower this moruiat;. I have no more headaches or noises in my ears, my nose is clear, affording free liassage to the air. My experience wiih the Copeland physicians has been perfectly satisfac- tory in every respect,»and would( advise those who suffer as I did to seek their advice before saving their case is incur- able." Fourth street. Si;;e and powers to astonish are usually the chief points aimtd at. Then .a clog would be dancfil energetically to an itccompanimen: played on the fuldle or the whistle, the whole crew patting 'ju jube' with all the eclat of a company of darkeys. I remember once hearing a big Scotch bows'n get up and start in to sing 'Annie Laurie.' He had a voice as big and tine as any :n;in might desire and most sweetly and touchingly did he sing, but the words of that dear old song went to his heart and right in the middle of the first stanza he broke down sobbing like a child.

Kriz said: "1 have suffered a great deal with my head, the cause of which was an inflammation of the membrane lining the air passages of the head. 'Sandy Mc Ouade, our qaariermas- ter, convulsed the crew one night by a new song he introduced.

In conversa- tion with the writer a short time since Mr. Specialties: Catarrh and dispaees of the Ear, No Btt, lliroat and Luuirs, Nervous Di»ease B, Kkiii nfeeasep, Clironic Disaafee. Billy Green reached out his pannikin and said, 'Here, Sandy, take a drap o' this.' We knew Billy's heart was truly touched he never would have of- fered to part with any of his grog.

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