Minnesota law mandating teacher contract settlement

The Journal has won the prestigious Minnesota School Public Relations’ “Star Award” all three times it has been entered — 2007, 2009, and 2011 (even more remarkable considering that publications can only be entered once every two years).

Teacher Salary Settlement Data (Green Sheets) — Teacher salary settlement data is compiled and updated each time a new settlement is received and verified by MSBA staff.

In addition, various MSBA staff have had personal experience as school board members, superintendents, principals, classroom teachers, counselors, school district auditors, school nurses, insurance consultants, extracurricular coaches/advisors, lobbyists, lawyers, human resources specialists, private business owners, and media representatives.

As a result, MSBA staff have been able to accurately address member questions/concerns and, in turn, have saved members time, trouble, and MONEY.

Said data is compiled and averaged by district size (based on teacher FTEs), and historical settlement data is archived.

As is the case with PEERNet this settlement data is voluntarily provided by MSBA member school districts, and, in an effort to provide more useful and detailed information, a revised “MSBA Teacher Salary Settlement Summarization Sheet” is being used for the first time for the 2013-2015 settlements.

MSBA Negotiations Seminars — Every odd-numbered year, MSBA also offers its members a series of regional, all-day training sessions designed for the more experienced negotiator.

Governed by a board of trustees comprised of seven currently seated Minnesota public school board members, the MSBAIT has provided MSBA members with quality insurance products since 1972.MSBA Bargaining Basics Early Bird Session — Every odd-numbered year, MSBA offers an early bird workshop prior to its annual Leadership Conference designed to educate novice (and experienced) negotiators about the basics of collective bargaining in Minnesota.Included is an overview of PELRA (Minnesota’s bargaining law), bargaining issues to consider and track, and bargaining do’s and don’t’s.MSBA Leadership Conference — MSBA’s annual conference is its largest meeting and not only offers nationally known speakers, dozens of breakout sessions and training opportunities, and access to approximately 200 product/service exhibitors but also gives individual school board members the chance to provide input to their elected representatives on MSBA’s Board of Directors — all without charging members any registration fee (currently, the MSBA Leadership Conference is STILL the only free one of its kind in the country).Public Education Employee Relations Network (PEERNet) — PEERNet is MSBA’s comprehensive database of facts and figures relative to district salary schedules, work days and years, and fringe benefits for teachers, superintendents, and other administrators.

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