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Well, I have too much self-respect now to let myself voluntarily get treated that way by someone who said he loved me.And you will have to wait another week to see how it eventually all went down…And that's the only answer I needed in that moment.I could've yelled at him, called him a bastard, and asked him to explain his reasoning, but we would have just gone round and round in circles. He and I were done and I was emotionally drained, and all I could do was get up and walk away from him…forever. The old Courtney would've turned around and listened to Matt, but the new Courtney…

As of November 2017, The Game Theorists has acquired over 9 million subscribers and has exceeded 1.3 billion views.

Game Theory slowly started building a fanbase after getting featured on several websites, such as Reviewtopia and Screw Attack!

and started incorporating elements from Mat Pat's directing experience and fan submissions (such as a logo and Spelling Phailer's intro music).

Mat Pat's first and most popular channel is The Game Theorists, a hub in which he and several other content creators upload edutaining videos about gaming.

Mat Pat himself hosts Game Theory, the channel's main show, in which he posts theories backed by research about aspects of games, including their lore and scientific, mathematical and historical aspects.

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