Liquidating limited company ireland

Just get on with your life and relax a little more – it’s been a long time coming hasn’t it?Unlike other Liquidation Companies, our entire service is geared towards helping you as much as possible, without breaking the law .

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In today’s shaky Irish economy it is becoming far more common for a company to experience financial difficulties.

Please call us on 01-2848911 to speak to our experts today with any questions you may have, or download our order form here or call us today and we will fax / e-mail or post the order form to you immediately.

Whilst winding down a limited company is far from the minds of contractors who are just starting out, with luck every contractor will reach the point of retirement or may even at some point re-enter the world of the permanent employment.

It often surprises Directors how little they have to do to Liquidate a company – the fact is – Liquidation does need to be done by a qualified Liquidator or their agent and so they should do most of the work When the time comes to Liquidate your company, there are steps you need to go through.

For some companies, not all of these will be necessary, but they need to be looked at all the same. The first step is incedibly easy – call us and let us know you want to liquidate your company.

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