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Obviously the couples are based in Eastern Europe or Spain (Carla and Mario) but I assume the deal is they have to screw on a regularly daily basis, so as to the satisfy the site's subscribers!

I guess they then receive a healthy fee for allowing themselves to be on cam 24 hours a day.

Anyway, here's another screenshot, fuzzy and grey I'm afraid, of naked Mario mid-wank, with Carla oblivious on her own ipad ...

Love those pics nakatu, especially of him shirtless wearing those jeans and boots (I find that clothing combo hot lol).

I'd share it's name but I don't know if it's against JUB terms and conditions. Perhaps the roomie and I could join, setup some cams and rake in the cash.

Carla and Mario have a cute little kitty, was more entertained by their kitty, they should have a dedicated kitty cam.

I know there are some residents who seemed to be averse to being nude/fucking initially but eventually showed everything so I guess some such quotient must exist or else they'd cover up always and who wants to see that.

And since you seem to have not had much luck finding Mario & Carla videos...there is a forum which can be joined for a fee, that has archived various vidoes from the couples over the years, but i assume you must know about it?

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I don't have much of idea what goes on between the residents and the company who fund this as far as a sex/nudity quotient existing.

As for the kitty, I've seen Mario giving it some rough treatment, poor little thing! promo=1132 Mario was playing with himself last night while checking his i Pad but then Carla came back laden with shopping.

They then started watching TV and munching on crisps so I left them to it ... Has anyone seen a vid of Hector (of Suzan and Hector) either on his own or screwing? Has anyone seen a vid of Hector (of Suzan and Hector) either on his own or screwing? That's actually not Hector but one of his friends...a few weeks ago, this guy and another bigger dude were staying over at Hectors for a few days. As for Hector, apparently he did used to jerk off a lot but now he just has sex with Suzan. The only couples I focus on are Hector/Suzan and Daniel/Adriana so I wouldn't know.

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