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If you're confused about where you've landed, this is the gist of this place - "r4r" stands for "redditor for redditor" and is meant to be the de facto reddit community for people meeting people for anything.

That's fellow students, dating, playing music together, marriage prospects, penpals, playing board games, hookups, movie/tv-watching, sharing poetry, FWBs, celebrity gossip, video games, sports talk, meme-sharing, etc etc etc.

I love animals, I have dog and a cat that I love more than literally anything else in my life. Life has been crazy lately, and not in the good way.

I'm slow at replying so sorry for that in advance also my work consume a lot of my time and energy so I can't always reply right away. As stated above I am a 31 year old male from the US. So moments where I get to do nothing are few and far between.

Mostly I read fantasy – medieval, urban, whatever kind it is, I’ll probably enjoy it.

I also secretly like to read romance novels, but that’s a secret, so don’t tell anyone.

We understand that this will have an adverse effect on some within our community and we apologize for this inconvenience. I’ve written no stories, published no poems, penned no scripts – but I’m pretty good with words, and I do have what I think of as a poet’s spirit.

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I like to laugh, so I like comedy movies, and I’ll also enthusiastically be there for the opening night on any Marvel movie, provided I have the means.

I had to get shitfaced for Deadpool and Logan, and even then I was hiding my face half the time. I'm a shy introvert realizing how lonely their are.

So, even though I 100% *love* dramatic story-games like The Last of Us, Witcher, and Sekiro… (Also because I suck at them, but who's counting.) That does at least mean that if you stream it or play for me, I will happily be right beside you, watching, cheering, geeking out, and occasionally backseat gaming. I'm hopeless romantic who loves love and all the cheesy things.

I like watching TV shows (Vikings, game of throne, narcos, Mindhunter), movies (star wars!!

, pacific Rim, marvel) some anime (my faves are code geass, fma:b and a lot of shojo) , play some games (world of warcraft, Sims, stardew valley), read some books (well more like buy them and then let them wait for years for their time) (Witcher, star wars, fantasy in general).

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