Last minute christmas gifts for dating couples

You might want to check out This this fun cookbook for easy recipes that you can both enjoy making together.

Our family tries to eat together most nights, and often include the kids in setting the table, which means that we typically eat with sloppily placed forks, paper napkins, and a table devoid of anything that could become a plaything for little hands.

Here are some questions to get you started: Take notes on what you pick and build on those dreams at another date night!

I’m not suggesting that you and your significant other should swap mud masks, but go ahead and pamper each other somehow.

It could be as simple as swapping shoulder or foot massages with some scented oil. Spread out a picnic blanket, some simple food and a bottle of whatever you like and just enjoy the crackling fire together.

I’m not much of a video game gal, but every once in a while a game will hold my interest.

Before we had kids, the Husband and I spent many nights playing Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

Leave the phone inside and take the time to have a real conversation.

It only took a few minutes to cut everything out using my handy-dandy paper cutter, and everything is ready and waiting for Valentine’s Day!

(I’ve never been this prepared for date night before…it’s actually pretty darn exciting.)But for the big date night itself, I’m looking forward to some good one-on-one time with the Husband.

And these 10 at-home date night ideas are at the top of our list.[click To Tweet tweet=”With these ideas you can turn any night into date night.

❤️ #love #marriage via @Play Dates Party” quote=”With these ideas you can turn any night into date night.

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