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Here is my point; Lets say you use this kind of service, and you see a real hot lady on their web site, and you follow up with their service: First you are locked into a membership system where you can never know the address of or phone number of your lady.

This way you are dependent on "Sweet Singles" for everything, for which you will pay dearly with your credit card.

Här kan du själv gå in och göra ändringar och se över dina abonnemang.

Allt för att göra det så okrångligt som möjligt för dig.

Business model: I am using "Sweet Singles" as a prime example of a poor model, they are not the only service operating this way, and I do not mean to single them out (no pun intended!

) But conflict of interest, is conflict of interest, and I would not use any service with this model.

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Here is the conflict with this kind of service: If they have a hot lady they will make much more money if the lady never gets married, and can be "recycled" for the next poor bastard who falls for this scam, and who fails to read the fine print, with a calculator handy.

If the lady gets married they make a couple of grand, but for every time a man meets with her in Thailand, and that the relationship goes nowhere, Sweet Singles pockets five hundred to a thousand dollars.

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