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in August 2019, "When I make something, I feel like no one's ever going to see it," noting, "I feel like I do it for myself." Doing projects for herself seems to be working. , Dunst explained that her mother, Inez, decided she was "destined to be an actress" because she was always a happy child.

Her parents eventually started bringing her to auditions for television ads.

I couldn't put him to bed on Sunday nights because I would just get spray tan all over him!

Kirsten Dunst was the envy of girls everywhere when she got to star alongside the Hollywood heavyweights as a pre-teen in the 1994 hit film , Dunst said, "They treated me like a little sister. was a huge deal for me because it was that first, you know, I got to be beautiful, but 'of substance' in a movie." She went on, "I was taken care of 'cause it was Sofia [Coppola], a female filmmaker," noting, "That was a transition that I think was a very important one for me and my career." , and they have developed a close bond over the course of their working relationship.

The couple then sparked engagement rumors when Dunst was seen wearing what appeared to be an engagement ring in January 2017.

By June 2017, Dunst was openly talking about her engagement to Plemons to in June 2017, explaining, "We got together a year afterwards.

So all you can do is be yourself — just be who the hell you are." in October 2015, "I wasn't sure if I was ready to do television, but since it was a miniseries I was all for it.

I don't think I'm ready to be committed to a series, especially if it did OK and went for four years and I couldn't do whatever I want." Her performance in Season 2 of about her relationship expectations in November 2015, saying, "I appreciate old-fashioned manners." She continued, "I want a guy to pay for dinner and open the door for me.

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