Khatia buniatishvili topless

That said, one of her better performances is not Chopin, Liszt or Rachmaninoff - it's her Yes.Someone else on another forum did a blind test once with one of her performances, by asking people what they thought of her performance (audio only) without revealing it was her.This is unlikely as she is a known Chopin, Liszt and Rachmaninoff specialist.She pretty much plays what people pay her to play, sight-reading, as necessary (ex: her White House concert).This is also a comment on our time that makes exponents of the most vital Western art prostitute themselves like pole dancers.None of these girls would have been fit to turn the pages for the great women pianists of the past.

I always hated my knees hitting the bottom of the board. That said, her gimmick worked to set her apart in the music world... now her feet are so hurt from years of heels that she can't even wear heels at all! It sounds like a piece of music Liberace might have done well.The earlier promise remained unfulfilled – it was only a promise of artistic excellence not of a glittering career.Her breasts, however, could be parlayed into stardom. These days Khatia’s playing is facile to the point of being mediocre.Aesthetically, she seems like the kind of person Tump would like but I have to immediately I admit this is a wholly unfair way to judge her.Maybe she will come out with an album of Debussy etudes or z Goldberg variations that will melt my heart.

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