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I was wearing tennis shoes, cut off jean-shorts and a sweatshirt. I hadn't considered doing anything sexual with the dog, and I wasn't paying any attention to him, when suddenly I felt his tongue on my thigh.

I looked down and he was busy licking my inner thighs right where my leg disappeared into my shorts.

My senior year I had three dates, all were boys that tried to get to home base in the first hour.

No one asked me to the prom, but that was OK, because I couldn’t really afford a fancy dress.

I wondered if it was kind of like being in heat and if the dog could smell that I was ready to breed. I leaned back further and he really went after me with that tongue. It was so much nicer than using my finger, and that tongue was so soft and long, it was getting into places that had never been touched before. I could feel my own lubricants mixed with the dog’s saliva and running down my sex and pooling around my anus. I was still shaking when I noticed that his penis was showing. All the girls I knew, who talked about there first time, never mentioned climaxing.

I’m plain, thin, with small breast, glasses, thin hair, and legs that are a little to short.Tons of hair stuff to add ‘volume’ didn’t make much difference and not wearing my glasses, letting my hair down and wearing makeup never seemed to either.So I was a very ordinary girl, with a very ordinary brain and not much talent in any area." src="data:image/gif;base64, R0l GODlh CAAIAIABAP////X19SH5BAEAAAEALAAAAAAIAAg AAAIMj I Jo AGc Hjx Pz WYKADs=" style="height:8px;width:8px;vertical-align:middle;border-width: 0px; border-style: none; border-color: white; "/ My First Time I lost mine seven years ago when I was 18. The other girls I knew made fun of the fact that I was still intact. Since I hit puberty I'd been interested in animals as more than pets. I also was a little to too shy to talk to the family doctor about birth control.

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