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In addition to specialist professional and technical training, Combat HR Specialists undertake the same basic military training as everyone else in the Army.Once training is completed, successful applicants are assigned to a unit where they work as part of a team, providing support to up to 700 officers and soldiers, wherever they may be located around the world.When hazardous substances are found, tank crew members are trained to contain them and to decontaminate the vehicles and kit.Successful applicants will train to drive a Challenge 2 as part of their training.They support other military engineers and the services, using their large goods vehicle training to drive tank bridge transporters, automotive bridge launch equipment, bridging cranes and fuel vehicles.Responsible for the repair and maintenance of all wheeled and tracked vehicles used by the British Army including heavy armoured vehicles such as the Challenger 2 main battle tank, light tracked vehicles such as the fleet of Warrior armoured fighting vehicles and wheeled vehicles such as the Mastiff and Foxhound Protected Mobility fleet.

When a message is left the voicemail will be emailed in a WAV format to a designated person. I was recently at a demonstration which turned violent, and I had no way to inform people who would have been interested...

As part of the army’s front-line team, infantry soldiers and officers are involved in everything from peacekeeping and disaster relief to full-scale war.

Last weeks campaign saw army vehicles and a climbing wall stationed on Church St and Williamson Square in Liverpool city centre for anyone interested in learning more about military careers.

Speaking before the event, Guardsman Phillip Clements, said: “I would recommend a career in the Army to anyone who is looking to gain valuable and transferrable life skills and trades.

I have had lots of new experiences such as adventure training abroad and met lifelong friends that I have a real bond with.” Liverpool’s Senior Careers Advisor, William Busby also said: “We have had many great soldiers who have come from Liverpool and have gone on to do amazing things with the Army, and this week we are bringing them back to their home city to reflect on their experiences and inform locals on why a career in the Army was the best decision for them.

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