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It's all so random, but it happened really organically, and I love that. If I'd been in charge of programming at Bravo and said, “I want to host a late night show” or be the face of the network, they would have sent me running for the hills. If people found it they were pleasantly surprised, and it was weird.

It’s funny, because I was thinking recently of what if one of the big things I do went away, what would I do? We’re the only live show in late night, and the only interactive one.

He said, 'Thank you for the Housewives show.' We put Bravo on the map!

Before Ramona could answer, Sonja yelled, "She's with a gentleman! " Andy shushed her so he could hear Ramona's answer, which was even more absurd than Sonja's.

The funny thing is I interviewed for a job running programming at Logo, and I thought, there's no gayer TV executive than me — I have to get this job. But it's really fun and people really connect to it in a significant way. I just like having fun and being passionate about everything.

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Locking lips with a major heartthrob like Di Caprio would probably turn most people on – whether man, woman or fish – but few would admit it with such candour.He has a Sirius XM “Radio Andy” channel, is a bestselling author with his Andy Cohen Books imprint, tours with I was always active and social, but no — this is pretty much how I'd want it to be.I would be lying if I said it was all by design, though. It's a great amount of security in an industry with very little security. It was the thing early on in my career that got under my skin, when people would say I greenlit my own show. My bosses were and Frances Berwick, who were very strong, opinionated leaders.Unfortunately, the lights didn’t come up, so it was hard to see whether or not hands were being raised throughout the massive room.When it came time for the much-awaited chat with Andy, it had been decided that instead of having a journalist interview Andy, it would be author Jen Lancaster, who had been the 2010 Chick Lit featured speaker and injected her own stories about people and her experiences.

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