Irish dating culture

Kiera says: Women generally wear tights with their skirts and shorts. While some do wear dresses, skirts and shorts with their legs showing, it is more common to see Irish women wearing them with tights.It rains all year round so it is good to have a rain jacket.Kiera says: If I am at a pub when people learn that I am American, men’s eyes usually light up and they say, “Ohhh America! I have gotten rejected from a bar specifically for being American, however that was only once.Kiera says: Dublin Bus, the Irish Rail, and the Luas are great ways to get around and are fairly inexpensive.Scarves and sweaters (called jumpers in Ireland) are also a necessity.However, in the spring and summer it can get warm and sunny so make sure to bring a couple of warmer weather clothing items as well.South Dublin by Trinity College is generally safe as it is right by Grafton Street (one of the main shopping areas). However, the Southside also has its dangerous areas.

Many Americans are quick, punctual and get things done right away.

I have not experienced or seen any misogynistic behavior.

My classes are fairly even gender-wise, and I have not ever been discriminated against for being a woman.

So, all of us brought our own hygienic products before arriving. Also, men may not necessarily pay for your meal right away.

Kiera says: In college, many of the men are not looking for any sort or relationship–especially with a college girl who is only there for one semester.

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