Intimidating interview techniques

We suggest sitting up straight, leaning forward slightly and always maintaining good eye contact with the interviewer or panel. If offered a drink this can help and can be used as a prop to perhaps give you some time to answer a difficult question.By accepting a drink it does show that you are fairly confident and reasonably relaxed.Some small chit chat from the reception area to the interview room will also help.These are the vital seconds (not minutes) in making your first impression.The following offers a few interview tips and suggestions on ways to refine your interview technique.Before the interview, it is a good idea to gather information about the company that has the position vacant and try to relate your experience to the specific duties of the job opportunity available. At an interview it is extremely important to look, act and dress professionally as you won’t have a second chance at making a good first impression. Clean shoes, clean finger nails and clean well groomed hair are important.• Tell us about a situation in which you encountered resistance from key people, how did you convince the person or people to do what you wanted?

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Behavioural interview questions are aimed at establishing various core competencies relevant to the role, such as teamwork, creativity and innovation, decision making ability, business awareness or conflict resolution.

The interviewer is looking for examples of past behaviour that demonstrate these competencies.

Sample behavioural interview questions include: • Describe a situation in which you didn’t meet your stated goal, how did you handle it?

Research has shown that an interviewer has made an impression within the first eight seconds of meeting the person.

The remainder of the interview is spent confirming this opinion, or turning this opinion around. Below are some of our job interview preparation tips: • Practice interviewing - Enlist a friend (better yet, a group of friends and colleagues) to ask you sample questions. • Video record your practice sessions - Pay attention to body language and verbal presentation.

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