Interracial dating right or wrong

Once again, the color-blind approach to love is wholeheartedly endorsed, while the Black women who reject it are positioned as angry, jealous, and violent.

When it fails, it's a failure for all black lovers." But the media often flattens this nuance, choosing instead to willfully portray Black women's sensitivity to the issue as "reverse racism." It's why 's Season 3 episode "No Ifs, Ands or Butts." In one of the show's only episodes to feature Black characters, the girls are introduced to one of Carrie's (Sarah Jessica Parker) former colleagues, food critic-turned-chef Adeena Willams (Sundra Oakley) at the opening of her new soul food restaurant.

Bewildered, Sabrina insists that she's just a good woman who found a good man, which only invokes more unhinged ranting from Tami, complete with swearing, uncomfortably long stares, and wild gesticulation.

Naturally, Tami is a dark-skinned Black woman with natural hair, and Sabrina is blonde and soft-spoken.

The film sees her angry rejection of a white woman "stealing" a Black man as an unfounded sentiment that needs to be corrected; in fact, Sara and Derek are happily back together by the end of the movie.

Chenille is not allowed to simply bristle at their relationship, she must instead be a single teen mom who is humbled because she can't get the father of her child to cooperate, leaving her jealous and bitter that a white woman can find happiness in an environment that has brought her pain.

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