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Some people, however, do not realise this and perform some of the more foolish things on the internet that brand them as ‘unpopular’ or even ‘weird’.

Now I know that you do not want to fall into these categories – being ostracized from a dating community that you paid subscription for is not a pleasant experience, after all you are there to find a date and possibly a life partner – not experience dejection from the seat of your computer.

You never know who you will meet along the way, and the people you never would have thought to consider might end up being great dating prospects. Don't be afraid to be the first person to send a message and say "hello." One of the best things about picking up women online as opposed to more traditional venues in real space is that there is nothing to be shy about.

When you are chatting with a woman online, she doesn’t know that your palms are sweaty or that you are in need of a haircut.

She has lived and worked in North America, Europe, and Africa, and takes additional international trips to Asia and South America every year.

Anna Harrison Anna Harrison is an international education specialist by day and a travel consultant by night.

Anna Harrison is an international education specialist by day and a travel consultant by night.

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With an extensive medical background, a nursing degree and interest in medical- and health-related writing as well as experience with various lifestyle topics, she prides herself on her conversational, active voice and ability to relate to the average reader.Well, don’t think that I forgot about the women either – they are as prone to making online etiquette mistakes just as men; and one shining example is women asking men how much their annual salary - in the first or second conversation.Unless you are their accountant or their mothers, you don’t ask that question.You have nothing to be afraid of, so flirt at will. When you are attempting to pick up women on the Internet, keep in mind that people are not always who they say they are.The web is faceless; you can tell a woman you were an astronaut, and she would have no way of knowing the truth.

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