Inserting updating and deleting data with the objectdatasource Chat with horny girls fro free

My Update Method (Update User) is as follows in my web service: The above will return the following error when I am trying to update Object Data Source 'Object Data Source1' could not find a non-generic method 'Update User' that has parameters: Guid, Status, Id, Type, Live Id, Member Id, PIN, Class, Last Logged In, Last Accessed, is Deleted. NET looking for a method with eleven parameters when I don't have it specified anywhere? That will then look for a method that can process them all.Live Id, Member Id, Type, Status, Class, is Deleted, Id, PIN, Last Logged In, Last Accessed are the properties of the User class. The Guid is there because it is put in the Parametes explicitly by your code.If I do not use the Data Object Type Name, then I have to place all the method parameters in the Object Data Source and change the methods on the data/business object to match, this seems like a bad design choice because as the Employee object changes I will have to update each of these methods. When you bind your objectdatasource to a control, you should be able to get an Id (in your example, I would assume Employee Id) based on the data you try to bind to, and then you can set this as a delete parameter. You will only get the fields bound to the 'Data Keys' passed through on the object when you try to delete, eg the ID.*On a side note, returning the object after an Insert or Update allows the Data View to update the row.This also means that parameters must be the exact same names as the properties of the object returned by the Select Method as these will be used for the fields in the Databound Control.There is no problem is I am writing the select and update methods and can make sure that the parameter names of both methods have the same names, but if the methods are third party ....

In case when Data Object Type Name is used instead of separate parameters, the business object you are using will work.Must all the methods in the Object Data Source have the exact number parameters with the same names?It's nice for a classroom tutorial but may not be practical in real applications.However, on clicking Update in the Details View, I get that Object Data Source 'Object Data Source1' could not find a non-generic method 'Update XX' that has parameters ....How do I override the automatic expectation of an update method with the ten parameters of the Details View? Hi, The error is usually caused by the mismatch between updateparameter and actual assigned values for updating.

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