Indecisive dating

Look at a prime example of a classically, unfulfilling relationship, involving the most popularly uncommitted couple in the world. However, he had a very legitimate reason for not committing to his beautiful heroine. Never could the protector of the free world endanger the woman he loved by committing to her and having her become the target of all of his arch enemies.

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It just is not meeting your needs and you should roll out.If your boyfriend is trying to say that his job is stressing him to the point that he has no time to be committed to you, don’t stay with him at your own expense!Just respectfully tell him that you understand and move on with your life.Is superman some sort of sneaky or insincere dog who strung along a devoted woman?No…………but he is indeed just not able to give Lois the type of time and commitment that is needed to make her happy.

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