I keep dating the wrong guys online christian country dating

BUT I do think we CAN be with someone that has previously cheated and has changed.Maybe our paths crossed not because we are following the same patterns (one a cheater and the other a sufferer) but because we are evolving and changing those patterns and it’s finally the time to meet the RIGHT person for that. haha but I’m finding it hard to express it properly.The idea that “half bread is better than none” seems to really stick with them.So they simply settle for whoever comes along instead of being alone.Some of us are really quite shallow and our standards for dating are the reason we always get hurt.if you’re more particular about looks and finance than attitude and manners then you might set yourself up for failure.Yet, there were clear signs that their significant other cannot give fully to the relationship.If you saw my FB Live session on “Is Cheating Excusable” you would see that I am not for the black and white approach of infidelity.

This might be another reason you keep dating flaky guys.Every situation is different and BOTH partners are responsible for the state of their relationship.I never, and will never believe in the “once a cheater always a cheater” this video however, was not on that subject. XO I imagined you were not a believer of that statement because the rest of the video didn’t say anything like that.This is why you keep attracting the wrong type of men: It is very important for every lady to have a list.This isn’t to say a man must meet all the qualities on the list, but the list should guide you to what you can’t live with.

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