Humanitarian dating

International Relations graduate Jakub Smutný has just completed his first international mission for People in Need (Pi N).

He returned from South Sudan where he was coordinating development aid in poor regions in the northwest of the country.

At the time I had little experience with development aid.Together with his American girlfriend of Cambodian-Vietnamese background Tara Tran they headed the local Pi N project Sustainable Agriculture for Better Nutrition which the organisation successfully completed at the end of 2016.How did a boy from Liberec end up in South Sudan and how does he see the time he spent in this restless country?Michael was certified the "MOST GENEROUS ARTIST IN THE WORLD" by the Guiness Book of World Records", giving out more than 500 MILLIONS in charities in his life.He is still giving out 20% of his fortune today every year as he wished, according to his will.

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