How to stop firefox updating automatically

When you launch Firefox, it may update automatically and install a newer version.

When that happens, some of your add-ons may stop working.

Mozilla Firefox, by default, automatically updates whenever there is a new version.

However, if this is not what you want, you may adjust the settings to prevent Firefox automatic updates.

The option “Never check for updates” is no longer available.

If you don’t like Firefox frequently installing the updates, here is a simple way to prevent Firefox Quantum from updating the version automatically in Windows 10 / 8 / 7.

It is advised to read this post till the end and get accustomed to the fact here. It means you have disabled Firefox auto updates To enable Firefox automatic update again, you have to repeat the steps and double-click on the same. It means the browser will now update automatically. So, look carefully, make changes to true/false, save it and close the Explorer. Hope this information has helped you in getting an answer to ‘how to stop Firefox from updating automatically’!

If it is written with ‘true’, you have to change it to ‘false’. Bottom Line After reading this guide on how to prevent Firefox from updating, there will be no more issues with automatic installation of updates.

In this article, we show you how to disable auto-refresh in major browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.The Internet is a dangerous place and your business is at risk if it uses a browser that allows malicious software to infect it.As Mozilla releases a newer Firefox version, the company fixes many security threats that plagued the previous version.On installing Mozilla Firefox or any other web browsers, it is predefined that you get automatic updates.But Firefox has a special feature of background services with which it will update the browser to its latest version whenever available.

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