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We'll delete the post or topic and likely ban your account immediately."]Edited by - killbillvol69 on 12/16/2018 AM she isn't self-booking yet - she's trying, but her agency (LA Direct) are claiming she's in a contract with them and are making it difficult for her to take bookingsshe's frequently moaning about them on Twitter Sydney Cole @sydneycolexxx is represented exclusively by LA Direct Models. RJewxp E8b Q— LA Direct Models (@Direct Models) December 9, 2018 LAD are known to sign girls for multi-year contracts, sometimes up to 5 years, and if the girl isn't booked during that time, they can't work elsewhere [mod edit: comment/link removed.

I would like to meet someone who is like-minded and does not mind this kind of situation.

Let's meet for lunch or dinner where it is discreet to make sure we have a connection. Country: US GENDER: F State: PA City: Sunbury Email | Send Flirt | Add to Favorites About me: I looking for horny and kinky men for awesome sex! Country: US GENDER: F State: MT City: Billings Email | Send Flirt | Add to Favorites How To Make A Girl Orgasm About me: I'm looking for someone to have fun with. If we decide to make it a regular thing, that's ok too.

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