Girl hunt dating

To make the hunt challenging, tuck a section of the yarn in unusual places like under the leg of a bed, around a chair or inside a linen closet. When your sweetheart arrives, instruct him to follow the yarn path to find his special surprise.

This hunt is an creative way to propose marriage to a girlfriend.

Tie a small gift to the end of a skein of yarn, then hide the gift inside a drawer.

Shut the drawer and begin unraveling the skein while you travel around the room or house.

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Use the last flower as a hint of your upcoming proposal.

If possible, have the vase engraved with the date and a sentimental message.

Have a friend covertly take a photo while you propose to her.

Hold the hunt in a botanical garden or arboretum with a hedge or shrub maze, if possible.

Otherwise, use a garden with many flowering plants.

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