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The captured image is then stored as a Cubemap that can be used by objects with reflective materials.More info or a cubemapped Skybox, set the Texture Shape to Cube.See documentation on Cubemap Textures for more information.Anisotropic filtering increases Texture quality when viewed from a grazing angle. Increasing the level of Anisotropy is usually a good idea for ground and floor Textures.The Textures do not have to be square; that is the width can be different from height.Note that specific platforms may impose maximum Texture dimension sizes.Detail Textures hide this fact by fading in small details as your main Texture gets closer.

If you know how to fix it, or have something better we could use instead, please let us know: You've told us there is information missing from this page.If you want to make a , you normally use your main Texture to show areas of terrain such as grass, rocks and sand.If your terrain is large, it may end up very blurry.Using mip maps uses 33% more memory, but not using them can result in a huge performance loss.You should always use mip maps for in-game Textures; the only exceptions are Textures that are made smaller (for example, GUI textures, , Cursors and Cookies).

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