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Think of it as your own digital safe for any pictures or videos you wouldn't want a friend using your phone to view Memories to suddenly stumble upon.

It happened three years ago at a tech and social media party one block from the Santa Monica Pier.

The implication of the video is that this is a snap meant for her boyfriend, herself and no one else, and after she accidentally flashes this to her parents, she quickly goes in and moves the snap to her private "My Eyes Only" safe.

This is probably the only time we will ever see Snapchat come even remotely close to acknowledging that sometimes the app is indeed used for intimate messaging, and it's way overdue.

It was a gathering of who's who in tech and celebrity circles, with Mark Cuban and Morgan Spurlock also in attendance, and yet Spiegel and his Snapchat crew were the biggest stars there. Snapchat had finally broken through to the mainstream and was on a clear path to be the next great app.

So when I was offered an introduction to Spiegel that night I immediately said yes.

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