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White Africans of English or Afrikaner descent (1.2%) are also visible, particularly in the more upmarket areas of the major cities.

Despair not: the differences are not crucial for travelers, and locals will be happy to explain their traditions when needed, notably at festivals.However Zambia under Kaunda was a staunch anti-Apartheid supporter, one of the only countries in the region to be so.As such it provided a base for the ANC to operate from, the previous South African President Jacob Zuma was at the time based in Lusaka.He led the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) to power with a platform of stamping out corruption.Following Mwanawasa's untimely death in office Zambia went on to the 2011 election and claimed the title of being one of the few African countries to have a sitting President lose an election.

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