Free private chat no credit card

This feature can be set to admins only calls, or you can disable it if you do not want it active.

Upload images and files from your computer and share them with the room, or one-on-one in private chat.

In TEXT keywords utilize new online technology that identifies specific words and phrases, and highlights them live while the chat is in progress.

Rumble Talk In TEXT then dynamically turns these words into predefined links.

It's perfect for affiliate links and pre-defined uploaded documents. For example: You can associate the word "camera" with a URL like

For example: Call anyone in the chat room on a private call.

For example: Once in a chat, you can take several shots of yourself to make sure your selfie looks good, then upload it to the chat.

Keywords are words that will automatically be hyper-linked should they appear.

This is perfect for private groups and members only websites. A chat owner can disable private chats or allow initiating a private chat for Admin only. For example: Add a group chat to your website and let talk in private among themselves (including video and audio for paid plans).

Administrators have several tools to effectively moderate chat discussions. Users can be disconnected as a warning or being banned based on their IP address so that they will not be able to login again. Any participating user has the ability to ignore another user's private & public messages in the chat.

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