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Hackers then use those stolen identities for scams or harassment, or both.

Multiple people who have dealt with this situation recently told Tech Crunch that it was difficult to work with Ok Cupid to resolve the situations.

Then he asked matter-of-factly if Herrick was the one who'd been communicating with him via the hookup app Grindr, and who'd minutes earlier invited him over for sex.

Herrick said that he hadn't—he hadn't even looked at the app in a week—and asked how the stranger even knew his name.

Dating is hard enough without the added stress of worrying about your digital safety online.

Ok Cupid is adamant that the hacks aren't a result of a data breach or security lapse at the dating service itself.

Instead, the company says that the takeovers are the result of customers reusing passwords that have been breached elsewhere.

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