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Nowadays the loan comes from MCU for ,000 at a tune of something like 12% interest.It would have taken time to get that done and the city was in a rush to get them on the streets for riot duty.Based on how you describe the guns history and service it's too bad it can't speak.So your dad bought itas a recruit from a retiring officer, who bought it as a recruit from a retiring officer...Can you tell us what are the markings on the backstrap ?

After that I can't help you, however, there are many other websites where the year of manufacture can be determined, based on the serial number.

The models won’t be wearing string bikinis but they are recognizable nonetheless: Nina Agdal, Samantha Hoopes, Tanya Mityushina, plus-size Robyn Lawley, and Hannah Ferguson.

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I know it has some age to it and definitely has seen a great deal of action.

ORG On it, there is a listing under HANDGUNS: REVOLVERS The first catogory is called IDENTITY OF S&W REVOLVERS The info you're looking for will probably be available there, by giving the required info ..

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