Flirting hard core chat room

“Never compliment her without a qualification,” he writes.“Let her know what you want in a woman and make her explain why she fits those criteria.”“I’m not a psychologist or self-proclaimed expert in the multiple facets of human psychology,” Valdez told Quartz in a phone call.“Rule 1: Don’t make her think too hard,” the manual says.“When writing sales copy…the goal is to reduce her ‘cognitive load’ so she’s more likely to reach the end and still have energy to write out a reply.”What does a “low cognitive load” pick-up line look like?Profile Writers follow strict guidelines, often recycling the same half-dozen clichés over and over again. ), all the Profile Writer needs to do is search for the word “dog” in their manual and choose from a list of dog-related one-liners, like this one: The process for Closers is a bit more complicated.

“Let’s try a different approach.” My meaningful questions would disappear from our shared Google Doc, replaced by simpler, condescending small talk.By now your witty banter, charming compliments and fantastic strategy are working a treat – you need to make that call.If things are going really well you might have had the ‘call me’ text already. Instead, start a text session and when it’s your turn to reply call them.This sounds, and is, really obvious but always double-check who you’re texting, especially if it involves dairy products – it’s no fun explaining to your Gran why you want to cover her in cream and lick it off.This is crucial if you want to make the right impression.

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