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The only major roadblocks that you can run into is if the site is run by someone who doesn’t think your business is ethical, or it is sponsored by a competitor.

Just make sure to clearly communicate what you intend to do with their work, and hope that they’re pleased in your interest.

Before jumping in we should also point out that using work without permission could have serious legal implications, so make sure that anything you use is genuinely copyright-free.

Bearing all that in mind, here are six ways to source free content for your site.

Getting a significant web presence can be a costly exercise, especially if you need a significant website creating from the ground up.

However, building the site is only the start of all the expenditure (don't forget the web hosting).

They can only say ‘no’, and if they’re interested in getting more people to read their blog, that’s an unlikely scenario.

Try these sites if you need a free video for your website.

This might seem cheeky, but many blog writers are happy for their work to be reused or linked to, as long as you don’t try to represent the work as your own.

Ezine Articles isn’t the only source for free articles.

Here are five others which are popular, although we suspect that some content will be duplicated across these sites.

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