Evanna lynch dating

They remained friends as they shared similar interests of going to vegan events together.But Evanna didn’t get to wallow in too much sadness, as she introduced her new boyfriend in April 2017 with only his initial name - Andel.

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She pushed me, of course, because she knew I could take it.Evanna Lynch dated Robbie Jarvis, who starred as the young James Potter .Nerdy Neville is long gone, and the gorgeous Matthew Lewis. For starters, he actually has a nose — which is kind of a bonus — and he also has his soul intact.The pair confirmed they were in a relationship in April 2015.Stepping out at the New York City premiere of Potter spin-off Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Evanna told Us magazine that she and Robbie were no longer an item, though she said: "We're still friends." Just three weeks ago Robbie posted a throwback photo on Instagram of the couple on a trip to New Zealand in 2013. I was simultaneously able to appreciate the sweet, gentle creatures out in the field and completely ignore that I would be chewing and digesting one of them for my midday snack. Things ultimately came to a head in Auckland airport when she finally tried to pry my head from the sand.

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