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(All of the above assumes that there is some validity in this conceptualisation of “learning styles”.) Simply, people who have a clear learning style preference, for whatever reason, will tend to learn more effectively if learning is orientated according to their preference.My learning style is the converging and accommodating one.I think I have the ability to find solution to practical issues.I can solve problems and make decisions by finding solutions to questions and problems. I like experiment with new ideas and work with practical application.‘Active Experimentation’ then starts the cycle again when we implement those changes in our teaching practice to generate another concrete experience which is then followed by reflection and review to form conclusions about the effectiveness of those changes.Four-type definition of learning styles, (each representing the combination of two preferred styles, rather like a two-by-two matrix of the four-stage cycle styles, as illustrated below), for which Kolb used the terms: Combination of Concrete Experience and Reflective Observation Feeling and Watching Like to gather information, good at brainstorming, interested in people, see different perspectives, prefer group work, open minded.

Reflection is therefore a middle ground that brings together theories and the analysis of past action.Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. Kolb with Roger Fry created this famous model out of four elements: concrete experience, observation and reflection, the formation of abstract concepts and testing in new situations.The principle of Kolb’s learning cycle is that we all follow the following four stages of learning as we acquire knowledge, experience and skill.The paper also highlights the implication of religious accommodation in the workplace and presents the future direction. However, with religious awareness among the employees augmenting, today many demand religious freedom and expression on the job.This has posed various challenges for the employers and the first-line supervisors who need to accommodate employee's religious beliefs while not hampering the progress of any professional business dealing.

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