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This style of compacting is somewhat slower than in-place compacting with space recovery only and assigns new DBIIDs to databases.If you use it on logged databases with a certified backup utility, perform full backups of the databases shortly after compacting is complete.There are three styles of compacting: - In-place compacting with space recovery - In-place compacting with space recovery and reduction in file size - Copy-style compacting I n-place compacting with space recovery only This style of compacting recovers unused space in a database but does not reduce the size of the database on disk.Databases retain the same database instance IDs (DBIIDs), so the relationship between the compacted databases and the transaction log remains intact.

To update databases in a folder within the Data folder, specify the database path relative to the data folder, for example, doc\"Index all databases" (or no database path) updates all databases on the server. Compact When documents and attachments are deleted from a database, Domino tries to reuse the unused space instead of immediately reducing the file size.Sometimes Domino cannot reuse the space because of fragmentation until you compact the database.It also ensures that all full-text-search indexes set for daily updates are updated.Updall: Basic options "Only this database" updates only the specified database.

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