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Daughter’s Room • Wake up • Get up • Have a bath o Turn the radio on o Lay down on the bed • Remove the towel • Start masturbating o Faster At The Airport • Go to the hotel • Go find Daughter On the Street • Get out of the car • Pull over • Kiss Her o Touch her boobs ( 1LP) ( 1 boobs point) • Drive her home: She won’t visit your hotel room and you will have a virtual chat with her that evening.

• Take her to the hotel: She will visit your hotel room but you won’t have a virtual chat with her later that night.

You’ll have to get a certain amount points to advance in the game. (This won’t be the best option for players on the Daughter path, as it will lead to less scenes with her) • Georgina Path: If Georgina didn’t masturbate early on Day 7 and you didn’t reject her, At the office you tell her you’re going to resign – G gives you an audio recording if she went to the office early on Day 7 – You will be meeting with Martin because Maria is out – Martin says he will take care of Maria – you decide not to use audio recording as you don’t want to get Martin in trouble.

You get a small severance package, but it will stop you from doing certain activities (and viewing special scenes) with D in Chapter 2 due to lack of funds.

• Question 2: If you choose “Truth” you will gain ( 1FP).

If you choose “Dare” you will gain ( 2EXH) ( 1SHR) • Question 3: If you choose “Truth” you will gain ( 2FP).

The game is in constant development, so make sure you check for the latest version. You’ll assume the role of a divorced father who hasn’t seen his daughter in years.

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If you choose “Dare” you won’t gain any points, however you will unlock an extra scene later in the game.

o If the contest ends up in a tie, no one wins and both you and D loses the prize.

Spa Area (With D): • Kiss her • Touch her boobs • Take it off • Let’s do it together o Begin o Faster o Cum • Kiss her • Take her bra off • Kiss or Lick her nipples ( 1LP) • Kiss her belly • Lift her legs • Take her panties off • Kiss her pussy ( 2LP) • Finger her o Faster • Close your eyes • Open your eyes o Start o Faster o Kiss his penis (If you watched the entire movie at F’s hotel on Day 15) D’s Home: • Answer the phone How to unlock the Footjob: You need to make certain decisions during the day to unlock the footjob option at the evening of Day 17.

Photography Studio • If you like Cassandra, you can choose “Stare at her ass”.

She will make a comment later during the conversation.

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