Double dating calendar

Project sheet tasks with duration in partial days, hours, or minutes will still span across full days in the Calendar View, as well as in any published versions of the calendar.

The sheet Owner, and collaborators with either Admin or Editor access can change the date for a task by dragging the bar and dropping it on a new day.

In either case, you should start with disabling all the syncs that have been set up.Looking at my Calendar, I see that several (not all) of my appointments and meetings are suddenly showing up multiple times (some even more than 5 times! How did this happen and how can I troubleshoot and fix this?This can happen in some cases where synching and accessing your mailbox and/or Calendar on multiple mobile devices is involved.Changes made here will be reflected in the Grid View.To change the time frame in Calendar View, click the right or left arrow at the top to move forward or backward in time. Clicking on the mini-calendar will also allow you to navigate through your project by dates.

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