Double dare dating

Because Mason Major and Derek Smith are billionair... I was kidnapped by two men, cuffed and chained to the bed. I was a virgin prisoner, held by alphas whose touch made me shiver.

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I’m the one who’s always banging two women at once, leaving used condoms around, and other such nasty shit. But instead, he nodded slowly.“Okay,” he growled low in his throat. Dude was always telling me what a mofo I was, watching this stuff at work, using a company computer no less. If he wanted to, then I was game.“Alright,” I said, flicking to my go-to site. Hmmm, MILFs, double penetration, whatever you want, man. Shit, that was weird, but it felt strangely okay too. I shot a quick look at him from the corner of my eye, but Mace’s face was intent on the screen, concentrating hard.“Nah, nah, nah,” he said, scrolling through a couple different channels.“Slow down,” I protested laughingly.”He grunted again before seating himself on the couch in my office.“It’s fine,” he said with a frustrated twist of his head, “It’s just that ….”“Just what? “I dunno, it’s just that …”I shook my head exasperatedly.“Shit dude, you have everything. I know there’s your grandfather’s will, but we’ll figure it out. You could hand them a golden ticket, a free ride to paradise, and they still wouldn’t be happy.Cars, women, you’re the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. We already have it partly figured out, Katie’s perfect.”“No,” he shook his head again, still frustrated. So instead, I swiveled my monitor towards him, ready to use a tried and true tactic.“Look dude,” I said. You seem really riled up and some good porn will help you settle down.But it felt right and looked right, so what was wrong with that? ”And he jerked his hand away suddenly, stalking across the room to drop into a couch, that big frame folding in on itself.“I can’t, I can’t,” he rumbled, burying his face in his hands. My buddy isn’t outwardly aggressive most times, that’s true, but at the same time, he isn’t a coward either. We’re forty-five year old men who’ve never married, and my closest, most important connection is with him, and has been for decades. But I always pushed it out of my mind because both he and I kept up reputations as womanizing assholes, as guys who use pussy and then discard it, leaving a trail of destruction in our wake. “It’s been going on for years.”I laughed hoarsely.“All while you were dating Priscilla the slut? “I thought you almost put a ring on her finger.”Priscilla was a gold-digger of the worst kind, a redheaded siren who was clearly only after money.Mason merely stared more, unable to speak, so I tried again.“What is it? He’s not the type of guy who crumbles in defeat in the face of opposition, so I was surprised to see him in such despair.“Yo, you okay? Your problems are mine, my problems are yours, we’ll get through things together. We’re a team, bro, a team.”The dark man stared at the floor even harder this time before looking up at me with a soul-searching gaze.“No, I want that,” he said in a hoarse whisper, so quiet I could barely hear. I took the fall for cheating in English years ago, I covered up that mistake in accounting years ago. Seriously, be a little more grateful.”It was clear where this is going, but I wanted to hear the words from my friend, wanted to hear him spell out his needs. More of this,” he said, grasping my hand again, clutching my fist so tight that my knuckles cracked. So it was eye-opening to hear this now, although, in my heart of hearts, not altogether unexpected.“So let me get this right,” I growled, voice low, staring at our hands. For a while there, I’d been really freaked out, afraid my buddy was going to throw away his life on a bloodsucking vamp.

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