Diddy and j lo dating again

singer Jennifer Lopez is madly in love and now engaged with Alex Rodriguez!

The cute couple met at a baseball game of all places back in 2005 while they were still in their respective relationships.

Paparazzi snapped tons of pictures and the musical couple even appeared on the red carpet together! There was a shooting outside of a Time Square club and the couple was arrested and charged with criminal possession of a weapon and stolen property.

Eventually, the triple threat was exonerated but Combs was indicted by a grand jury.

Despite fighting the paparazzi, the two got engaged in November 2002.

Sadly, they had to put off their wedding due to the media meddling too much.

Sources say that Smart’s infidelity is to blame for their eventual split.That took fans back to the 90s when the music executive and JLo were rubbing shoulders all the time.They met while producing her first album, , and hit it off.While things are going perfectly between the couple, JLo has had her fair share of heartbreak in the past.Before the fateful reunion with Rodriguez, the sassy singer was shacked up with her former back-up dancer, Beau Casper Smart.

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