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Unfortunately, Outlook does not support the Find feature same as that in Microsoft Word or Excel. domain lookup results from jp server: [ JPRS database provides information on network administration.

For further information, ] [ use 'whois -h jp help'.So I find out a quick method to realize it with Outlook VBA.Here are the elaborate VBA codes and steps: Auto Save Specific Email Attachments.Sub Folder Selection() Dim My Path As String My Path = Select Folder("Select Folder", "") If Len(My Path) Then Msg Box My Path Else Msg Box "Cancel was pressed" End If End Sub 'Both arguements are optional.https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5971292/get-file-path-ends-with-folder How to find folder (full folder path) by folder name in Outlook?For instance, on Navigation pane you move a folder and drop to an unknown folder by mistake in Outlook, you want to restore this folder but cannot find out it immediately.

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