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Just line the eyes and then sweep the specially designed rod over a coat of mascara to “tip” the ends of lashes for a subtle yet intriguing look. (Sephora Exclusive)This disguise transforms before your very eyes—the sultry lip formula glides on black, then evolves into a custom bold berry hue tailored to your specific skin tone.

Smashbox Cosmetics invites you to intoxicate and seduce the senses with the Masquerade Collection, a labyrinth of provocative hues with entrancing allure for eyes, cheeks, and lips. Glide the creamy formula over the apples of cheeks, then blend with the brush for a flawless pop of color.* Shade: Warm pink Cloak eyes in an air of mystery with this innovative two-in-one formula for lash line and lashes.

They even introduced a new shade of their famous 0-Gloss.

Formulated with Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract and Goji Berry Extract to boost microcirculation as well as moisturizing Avocado Oil antioxidant Vitamin C and Pomegranate Seed Oil, O-Gloss Noir interacts with your personal skin chemistry to create a shade that’s unique to you.

The company sold the former One Franklin Plaza building, Glaxo Smith Kline's past headquarters, to Philadelphia's PMC Property Group last year.

So this is part of that story I was trying to write. Ever since the third world war’s radiation had caused women to be very rare, it was up to the surplus of men to take care of each other’s sexual needs.

Look below to see some of the popular different styles.

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Aiden sat down on a bale and just slid to kneel between Aiden’s knees.

Fur is a big trend this season and we'll be seeing pieces covered in fur trends or styles made completely out of fur that represent luxury while keeping us warm .

Hats featuring pom poms are a look that many adored a few years ago and it's once again in style.

Aiden’s prong was at attention, pink, perfect, rigid and dripping.

With a natural hunger, Justin swallowed the 17 year old’s cock with enthusiasm.

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