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Not to forget that a regular 1hr excercise for at least 3-4 times a week is a must for great posture and toned body! Mac Kenzie said that, while she’s not a “business person,” she could hear the passion in her husband’s voice when he spoke.The couple quit their jobs in 1994 and moved to Seattle, Washington.It’s so encouraging having my first two LA film projects completed.And I hadthe opportunity to work with professional crew and actors to boot. There were seven of us in the class and we all bonded overgroup projects and helping out on each other’s film shoots.I worked on Season 1 of the web series Dating Rules From My Future Self (Note from Jesse: Click here to watch all of Dating Rules on Hulu! Both the internship and that first job empowered me with vital workexperience and confidence.Two weeks after Dating Rules wrapped, I got a call with a job offer from the entertainmentadvertising company I currently work at. **************************** Mansion, Apartment, Shack, or House? Remember the nostalgic game MASH from your childhood? Schick® Quattro for Women®, the first brand to design an innovative, high-performance, four blade razor for women, has partnered again with Alloy Entertainment for season two of the hit web series gives its lead characters dating advice from themselves ten years ahead, Schick® Quattro for Women® wants to give you a chance to see into your romantic future with the interactive dating-themed game “Dare to MASH” on the brand’s Facebook page ( I interned for Liz last summer and a month after it endedshe hired me as her assistant.

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Perfect For Me But Geographically Undesirable Recently, I changed my settings to say that I’m looking for people anywhere, just to poke my head outside of the “I’m only looking for people near me so I can actually potentially date them” bubble and was to find that I am a 90% match (or higher) more than five people. Online dating is like grocery shopping, except you’re not shopping for groceries — you’re shopping for men. So if you said, “I’m seriously looking to settle down,” then I might believe you. I appreciate knowing what you want, but (at least from me) you’re not going to win any super duper profile points. They’re the ones with maybe five sentences on their profile — not because they’re illiterate, but because they’re embarrassed to be on a dating site (because online dating is not cool).

I was so nervous to film my first short for the class.

I was stressingabout everything from the sound to not being able to find turkey wraps for mycast and crew, but it really came together. My actresses even brought their own costume options and extra props.

It was like havinga little film family in LA, with half of us graduated and the other half stillin school.

This class was just what I needed to gain more confidence and startmaking things again as well as hone and put into practical use the skills that I began to develop at Cornell.

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