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Jack replies that he told Chuck how to get the hotel back, and it wouldn't cost him anything; because all he wants is a night with Blair.She tells him no, and he says he's surprised at how quickly she's denying Chuck the chance to win back the thing that means everything to him.He tries to take her upstairs, but she claims she has to go shopping with Blair for a dress to wear to a charity benefit that night.He's a little disappointed when he learns it's for endangered toads, and Serena reminds him he's having lunch with his grandfather.Chuck tells him the game has gone on long enough and he wants his hotel back.Jack explains that hurting him is a noble goal, but not as fun since he's not the Chuck he used to be.

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Elsewhere, Dan and Vanessa’s new relationship hits a bump in the road, when they have to evaluate each others' work.

Jenny asks if that means Nate has to sit alone and think no one cares about his birthday, and Eric replies that he'll forgive Serena for being a bad girlfriend for five hours.

Jenny quickly gets up, and says she has to go to the fabric store, then leaves.

She brings out a script for her film class that she's been nervous about showing him, and they suggest they trade to give notes. They agree to be as honest as possible and that they'll see each other at Nate's party. She wishes him a happy birthday and gives him a present before asking him out for lunch.

He answers that he's headed out with William, and she thanks him again for saving her the week before.

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