Dating website for college kids

Hence, some ambitious young adults at NYU have created their own service, NYU Hook Ups, with the goal of hooking up frisky students within 24 hours. As of when I checked it out, they had 113 posts, and considering the site's only been up a few days I guess there are a decent amount of college kids out there looking for a fast hookup (and NYU isn't even one of the 25 horniest colleges! Eh, have fun but [keep it safe please.]( college students out there, would you try a hook up site like this? More love education: The 10 Colleges With The Hottest Guys! Terrible Major-Specific Pickup Lines for College Students The 3 Types of Fake Dates In College (At Least Back In My Day!

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"We're also at similar places in our lives, being students, which makes it easier to relate." Columbia University students Balazs Alexa and Jean Meyer started the dating website on campus in November.

This month, the site launched at 140 more schools nationwide, giving more college students the opportunity to meet their future husbands or wives.

Alexa and Meyer, both recent graduates of the Business School, came up with the idea after a girlfriend complained that there was not enough testosterone in the School of Social Work.

Here is some information about how online dating sites are affecting student’s social life on Campus.

The students are not showing any interest in talking to their classmates as they have an alternative available and they believe that the dating sites are a much better option as compared to the local communication.

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